To develop a Loupedeck plugin, you need:

  • Basic knowledge of .NET and C# development.
  • Understanding of the software or hardware that you want to integrate with the Loupedeck software.
  • A powerful enough computer running Windows 10/11 or macOS, with a free USB type A or type C port to connect to a Loupedeck console.
  • Local admin rights on your computer.
  • A .NET IDE. We recommend Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 (for example, the free Microsoft Visual Studio Community, or its Professional/Enterprise editions) or Microsoft Visual Studio for Mac. See the notes below for possible alternatives.
  • A Loupedeck CT, Loupedeck Live, Loupedeck Live S or Razer Stream Controller console for testing the plugin.


  • Other Visual Studio versions and JetBrains Rider are possible alternatives for .NET IDE, but their compatibility has not been fully tested.
  • Do not use USB hubs to connect to the Loupedeck consoles. Many unpowered USB hubs and USB hubs located on monitors and keyboards do not work properly with Loupedeck consoles.