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Plugin Status


Each plugin can be in one of the following states:

  • "Normal" - plugin is working properly;
  • "Warning" - plugin is partially working;
  • "Error" - plugin is not working:
    • application is not installed;
    • cannot connect to application plugin;
    • cannot connect to cloud service;
    • login or authentication required;
    • etc.

By default plugin is in "Normal" state.

Plugin developer should call OnPluginStatusChanged method to change plugin state.

Plugin API

The following methods are available.

Plugin.OnPluginStatusChanged method

public void OnPluginStatusChanged(PluginStatus status, String message, String supportUrl);
  • To set "normal" state:
this.OnPluginStatusChanged(PluginStatus.Normal, null, null);
  • To set "error" state:
    "Cannot connect to Twitch application",
  • Working example:
    protected override void RunCommand(String actionParameter)
        if (actionParameter.TryGetEnumValue<PluginStatus>(out var pluginStatus))
            this.Plugin.OnPluginStatusChanged(pluginStatus, $"Plugin status changed to {pluginStatus}", "");