Creating the project files for the plugin

You can generate a .NET project for your plugin using the Loupedeck Plugin Tool. The tool is a .NET console application that can be used to manage Loupedeck plugins.

In the files generated by the Loupedeck Plugin Tool:

  • The needed paths are set correctly, assuming the Loupedeck software is installed in the default location.
  • The build output files are made accessible for the Loupedeck software (with Debug configuration).
  • When the project is opened in Visual Studio, the Loupedeck software can be started from the IDE for debugging the plugin.

The tool can be downloaded from the Loupedeck site:

Once you have downloaded the tool, unpack it to some location, then execute the following commands on the command line (in Command Prompt on Windows and Terminal on macOS):


<TOOL LOCATION>\LoupedeckPluginTool.exe generate -name=<PLUGIN NAME>


chmod +x <TOOL LOCATION>/LoupedeckPluginTool
<TOOL LOCATION>/LoupedeckPluginTool generate -name=<PLUGIN NAME>


  • <PROJECTS LOCATION> is the directory path where your project files will be created to;
  • <TOOL LOCATION> is the directory path where you have unpacked the Loupedeck Plugin Tool;
  • <PLUGIN NAME> is the desired name for your plugin. Note that the tool automatically adds a 'Plugin' suffix to the name of the generated directory and project files.

The values for the directory paths can be for example:


  • <TOOL LOCATION> is %USERPROFILE%\Downloads\LoupedeckPluginToolUnpacked
  • <PROJECTS LOCATION> is %USERPROFILE%\Source (the default Visual Studio Project file location)


  • <TOOL LOCATION> is ~/Downloads/LoupedeckPluginToolUnpacked
  • <PROJECT LOCATION> is ~/source

Note that if the <PROJECT LOCATION> directory does not exist it needs to be created.