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For each plugin, Loupedeck stores a collection of setting names and values. Here are some characteristics of plugin settings:

  • Both setting names and values are of String type.
  • The setting names are case-insensitive.
  • Plugin settings are persistent and are stored encrypted.
  • Any setting can be marked to be backed up in the cloud for the logged-in Loupedeck user.


The following methods are available in the Plugin class.

Read setting

protected Boolean TryGetPluginSetting(String settingName, out String settingValue);

Returns a plugin setting.

Returns true if the setting exists and false otherwise.

If the setting does not exist, then settingValue is set to null.

Write setting

protected void SetPluginSetting(String settingName, String settingValue, Boolean backupOnline);

Saves a plugin setting.

Set backupOnline to true to backup this setting in the cloud and false to keep it only locally.

Delete setting

protected void DeletePluginSetting(String settingName);

Deletes a plugin setting.

List all settings

protected String[] ListPluginSettings();

Returns a list of plugin setting names.


private String GetUserId()
    const String SettingName = "UserId";

    // first try to get existing user ID

    if (this.TryGetPluginSetting(SettingName, out var existingUserId))
        return existingUserId;

    // if it does not exist, generate a new one and save it

    var newUserId = Guid.NewGuid().ToString("N");

    this.SetPluginSetting(SettingName, newUserId, false);

    return newUserId;

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