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Plugin Capabilities

Plugins, associated with applications and application-less plugins

In terms of using the applications plugins are divided into two classes:

  • The first class is the plugins for applications. These plugins are visible in the application section; they generally require an application to be in the foreground to execute commands.
  • The other type of plugins do not require an application to be in the foreground or any application to be running locally at all. For example, Twitch and Philips Hue plugins are using remote services directly.

"Applications" dialog

You can specify whether your plugin requires an associated application by changing the following flag in your Plugin class:

public override Boolean HasNoApplication => true;

Plugins with shortcuts and API-only plugins

In Loupedeck, there are two distinct types of actions:

  • Shortcuts, which essentially are key combinations that Loupedeck sends on behalf of the user and
  • API-based actions, those that are controlling target application/service using dedicated API (for example, OBS can be controlled via WebSocket using obs-websocket plugin )

to indicate if a plugin is having API-only actions, set the following flag in the Plugin class:

public override Boolean UsesApplicationApiOnly => true;

Plugins with this flag set to true can be connected to any profile and are accessible from the Action Panel.

"Plugins" dialog